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Eimear Beardmore

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Eimear had her first introduction to yoga was at the age of 8, having maintained her practice throughout her teenage years she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with the YTTC in 2012. She furthered her studies in 2013 by completing a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Josh Summers and a Chakra Mantra Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training with Shiva Rea in LA in 2014. She is looking forward this year to working on her Level 2 Yin Teacher Training and studying with Lisa Petersen of Living Yoga on her Advanced Teacher Training Course.


Eimear Beardmore is has a Masters in Dance from the University of Limerick. She has had the opportunity to study with yoga and somatic practitioners such as Donna Farhi, BJ Galvan, David Swenson and Liz Koch. As a trained primary school teacher and part-time lecturer Eimear is passionate about teaching and sharing the benefits physically, emotionally and psychologically that yoga has to offer.


Eimear believes that connecting body and mind is at the heart of a yoga practice, practicing in this way the opportunities for insight and self-reflection are endless providing fuel for a lifelong yoga practice that is adaptable and practical. She believes yoga should be a creative and fun process. Whether teaching Yin or Vinyasa Flow


Eimear is a conscientious teacher who aims to empower students to deepen their practice each time they arrive on their mat.

Chris Cunningham

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Chris believes that it is possible to build an awareness of our bodies and what they need through the practice of yoga. As well as teaching yoga, Chris is a registered physical therapist and a massage therapist. This allows him to enhance his yoga teachings through an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and a strong passion for helping others. 



Chris’s classes will take you through various techniques such as Pranayama (breath work) and meditation to calm and clear the mind, as well as various Asanas (poses) to strengthen and energise the body. He offers a variety of yoga styles, from an energetic Hatha/Vinyassa flow, to a deeply restorative Yin class. Chris’s yoga classes are designed to strengthen the physical body while also providing relief to mental and emotional blockages.



For the past five years Chris has spent time in India, Sri Lanka, and Australia developing his yoga teaching skills as well as practicing physical therapy and massage. This has provided him with the extensive knowledge and experience which he brings to all his classes. 


"I have a strong passion for helping others to improve their health and wellbeing. Yoga has personally allowed me to maintain my active lifestyle and with the combination of my physical therapy and yoga I have found it the perfect tool in guiding others to a more fulfilling life, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually".

Jess Oatway

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Jess's journey was born out of work related stress and back pain! She was working in a stressful job and noticed that after sitting at her desk for 3 to 4 hours without moving, her back would really start to hurt. So she found a Vinyasa yoga class near to her work and started going…(religiously) ….every Monday. She was hooked!

She then started to  REALLY stressed in work which was taking over in her downtime as well and noticed that during yoga practice her concentration and breathing were so focused and calm she would forget about work and her mind felt peaceful and spacious. The anxious feeling disappeared.

Jess decided she wanted to learn more about the practice, have it as part of her everyday life and to introduce other people to yoga. She trained to become a teacher in 2016 under the tutelage of Sibylle Dallmann and Naomi Sturdy at Yoga Dublin.  Jess has since travelled to Sri Lanka and Bali to further her own trainings, practicing with international teachers such as Paul Toedo and Evy Ferraro. 

She soon realised that while a lot of people knew about yoga and wanted to try it, there was a feeling of fear and intimidation to go to the first classes. Her goal is to take those fears away. You can expect to be pushed and to have a sense of achievement in Jess's class, feel calm and relaxed but still have fun and a laugh. At the end of the day, we all need to stretch, strengthen, laugh and bring a bit of zen into our hectic lives.

Paddy Kiernan

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Paddy’s journey into the world of yoga began while studying Philosophy as a college undergraduate, where he became fascinated by the physical and philosophical dimensions of yoga.

He undertook his initial yoga teacher training in 2012 and completed his 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Bryce Yoga in August 2018.


His teaching incorporates a mixture of traditional yoga asana alongside modern approaches of developing integrity and fluidity in the practice.

He also has a love of handbalancing and is passionate about showing students accessible means of developing these skills in a yoga context.

Paddy also works as a musician, touring in Ireland and further afield, and finds yoga the perfect complement to his musical practice.

Ruth Delahunty

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Ruth teaches with the intention of demystifying yoga and helping her students understand what gives them the ‘feel good factor’ so that they can bring the life skills which we learn on the mat, off the mat and into our everyday lives to help achieve a healthy and happy life.

Ruth is also part of the yoga crew of Wellfest, Ireland’s largest annual health, fitness and wellness festival and regularly contributes to its online award winning online magazine.

Ruth is a Dublin based yoga teacher and creator of of the popular YOGARU 108 ASANA yoga sequencing cards. The sequencing cards are designed to make yoga more accessible at home, by simplify sequencing and helping students bridge the gap between regular studio classes and home practice.

Visit Yogaru to find out more or follow Ruth on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Meet The Team

David Scullion

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David Scullion is a devoted practitioner of integrative healing. He focuses on the interconnectivity of mental, structural, emotional, and spiritual union with the understanding that when we give attention to any one thing, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

At the foothills of self-enquiry and his own restorative process, David pursued his curiosity venturing into the remote depths of the Peruvian Amazon to engage in a penetrative exploration of the mind. Confined in isolation under the guidance of Master plants and highly revered shaman Orlando Chujandama Huazanga, this rigorous routine transpired into a pivotal shift of consciousness.

Anchoring the heights of this experience and expanding in its teachings, David began to practice Vipassana meditation; the foundational cultivation of mind body awareness. This was met with intensive study of Ashtanga Yoga; the traditional study of eight limbs of yoga as taught by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, synchronizing the breath with a progressive sequence of postures.

After 10 years of training and teaching throughout Australia,
The multidisciplinary approach to these unwavering practices has been the fundamental groundwork for David’s personal development and the richness of understanding that translates to his professional teaching. 
and South East Asia, he returned to his home land of Ireland where he studied martial arts from a young age specializing in Brazilian Jujitsu and competing in MMA for six years. 

He currently trains in Brazilian Jujitsu at Straight Blast Gym in Dublin.Indonesia

He also qualified with the Royal Life Saving Society and led the first team of coastal lifesavers in the North of Ireland.

Sinead Mooney

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As described on the main 'About ' page!

James Doe

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Our goal is to offer a path to physical and mental well-being that suits the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Contact us to find out more about the practices we offer and how they can benefit your life.

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